About Us

Looking for cabinets tailored to cater your needs? At Cabinets Global, we provide different and innovative items that will suit your expectations. We have a range of designs that will boost the value of your home. Also, a friendly and comfortable ambiance will be available.

High Quality and Lasting Materials

With excellent customer service in the industry, all our cabinets are made from one of a kind and spectacular materials. Whatever your option is, you can use it within a long period of time. Unlike our competitors out there, our items do not easily rot. Over decades, our cabinets will be sturdy and amazing as possible. Thus, ensuring high quality and lasting materials is one of our main goals.
As a reputed and trusted company, we help make any project idea come to reality. We have a team of committed and eager people who will never disappoint nor frustrate you within the long run. By making as your topmost choice, you will realize that you have made a great decision. Certainly, we integrate quality in our customer services.
When planning to use cabinets without an idea on how to get started with it, we are here to guide you. Being equipped with highly competitive people, you can make a wonderful and awesome purchase for sure. From consultation, material selection to installation, we are passionate in assisting you. We have the mission to deliver the best services with satisfaction. Also, we focus on helping your dreams come true. Whatever your project goals and needs are, we have a paramount knowledge and unmatched commitment.
Providing excellent products among our valuable clients, we are considered one of the largest fabricators all over the U.S. We carry a wide range of services and products that can eliminate a burden. At Cabinets Global, we provide anyone including homeowners, builders, contractors and designers an opportunity to have a stress free experience.

Cabinets Global: A Company with Commitment

Ever since, we try our best to deliver the most extraordinary products for our clients. We are dedicated to make you feel happier and more fulfilled. Being famous for having outstanding services, you can have a worthwhile investment with us. All your efforts to improve your residential property or offices will be worth it. Give us call as soon as possible before you make a wrong decision. You can see how passionate we are in fulfilling your needs and exceeding your requirements. Indeed, choosing us to handle your project will be a good option on your part.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does shipping cost?

At Cabinets Global, we provide a shipping service for free. When you make a purchase that cost over $75, we will deliver your chosen cabinets without any shipping expenses. If you do some research and find out companies with costly shipping, we are the ideal company that you can ever have. With us, you can obtain more savings that you will completely love.

When can I get my orders?

Delivering your orders as early as possible is one of our main goals as a provider of high end cabinets. As much as possible, we do not want to provide any hassles on your part. More particularly, we will deliver your preferred cabinets within 5 to 8 days after placing your order. However, you can receive the items fast if you are near our location. In addition, make sure to provide exact and valid information to eliminate any issues in the future.

Are there duty or custom expenses?

Nope, we would be the one to pay for the duty and custom fees. Also, the total payment amount includes VAT. So, you do not need to feel worried as you will pay the price that you deserve. When you have been spending more with your present custom cabinet provider, we have affordable prices that you should grab.

Are there hidden or additional charges?

We do not have hidden or additional charges. Our prices are compliant with the local and national laws. You will pay an amount that includes cabinet costs as well as VAT. If your present choice asks for an unjust payment amount, we are an excellent alternative for you.

Are your cabinets fully furnished?

Yes. Before we sell our custom made cabinets, we make sure that they are totally furnished. You do not have to furnish your chosen cabinets on your own as we make them ready to install. Our mission is to make you satisfied with our services not be disappointed. If you have questions, just give us a call and we will be happy to assist.

How much do cabinets cost?

The cost of our cabinets depends upon your choice. Since we provide a range of high end cabinets, we have a variety of prices for you. Whether you want a luxurious item or a cost-effective one, we have perfect cabinets for you. if you do not only want to have an amazing investment but also acquire high savings, worry no more as we are prepared enough to serve you. So, the cost of our products depend on your option.

Are your custom built cabinets easier to maintain?

Yes. We make sure that all our cabinets require more comfortable and convenient maintenance. You do not need to clean them on a regular basis. If you have been using cabinets that are hard to clean, our items are the best alternative for you. We certainly ensure paramount quality in all our cabinets.

Do you provide consultation?

As part of our responsibilities, we provide consultation to make the project work according to your plans and standards. Whatever your needs or requirements are, just inform us in the consultation phase for you to receive relevant services and products.

How long does the installation take place?

Having a team of professional and experienced staffs, we can install your choice in just a matter of a few minutes. But, we do not overlook quality installation. At the end of the day, you will have the peace of mind that your cabinets are properly installed. Indeed, you can have a holistic experience at Cabinets Global.

Can you make custom built cabinets?

Having a superior knowledge and paramount experience, we can make your dream cabinets come to life. Just provide us all information including designs and wood ahead of time.

How secure is shopping online? Is my data protected?

At Cabinets Global, we provide a safe and secure shopping experience for all our valued customers. All personal information will be confidential. We will protect your personal data as much as we can to attain optimal safety and maximum security.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We have three payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal and debit cards. When it comes to credit card, you are protected against fraud because it is an effective payment method. In PayPal, you will also boost your safety in online shopping. You can avoid any complex issues that you cannot afford to experience. The same thing goes to debit cards. Whatever payment method you prefer is, we are a reliable and incredible cabinet provider that you can depend on. At Cabinets Global, you will be protected with an assurance.

What exactly happens after ordering?

When you order already made cabinets, we can deliver them to you right away. If you want something new and different, it only takes a few days before we ship your order. But, we will do our best to meet the deadline. Our mission is to provide satisfaction and not disappointment, so you can reckon on us.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes. We provide an invoice for all your orders. You can use it in case of emergencies. We really comply with the local and national laws in the country.

When my order gets damaged during shipment or delivery, what would you do?

In every order we ship or deliver, we offer 100% care and attention to avoid any potential damages. When you receive damaged cabinets, we will fix the problem right away to eliminate discomfort. If you want other items, we have available items for you.

Is there a warrantee for all cabinets?

All our cabinets have a warrantee. When you feel unsatisfied with our items, you can return them within the warrantee period. To know more information about this, contact us today before you make a wrong choice.